You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

The living mummy in a guest’s bed...the missing estrogen patch and the man’s itchy boobs...the couple who accidentally shared their lovemaking video with all the guests. And more!

About Lucy

A first-generation Italian-American, Lucy Vallera Luhan was born in Connecticut and raised in a household where traditional foods and values prevailed. Luhan’s upbringing and passion for convivio led her to spend thirty-five years as a restaurateur in Southern California, and eventually inspired her to open Villa Lucia, a bed and breakfast/cooking school in Tuscany, Italy.

Back to the table with real food.

A first generation Italian American compares food culture in the two countries she loves, America and Italy.

About the Convivio

Cook, restauranteur, grandmother and hostess par excellence, first-generation Italian-American Lucy Vallera Luhan brings to U.S. audiences a new approach to the art of creating physically, socially and emotionally healthy families and communities. For Italians, convivio refers to eating together at the table.

Why Convivio

Why Convivio? Because it is a most important ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.

When a friend in Italy may say,” “Ciao I am going home for convivio” it usually refers to a leisurely meal with family and friends for a minimum of an hour or more. Sunday pranzo, the midday meal, may go on for 2 to 4 hours.  This ritual of Italian food culture has proven in various studies to have many favorable results.

Watch Pass the Pasta

Created in 1982, "Pass the Pasta," features Lucy's mother (70-years-old at the time) making pasta by hand. It has been used nationally as an educational tool.