Children’s Memories

It doesn’t surprise me that our children’s fondest memories are from times we spent around our family table. Besides our daily family dinners with our parents and children, our holidays were always spent with our extended family in our home, as we had the largest home and could accommodate some 30 family members. Today we have handed that role to our oldest nephew and his wife, John and Julie, who have taken over the reins of family gatherings.

Eventually, I also handed over to our adult children their schoolwork, which I had kept for years. In doing so, I noticed an assignment that nine-year-old Jorge had completed. In the assignment, he was asked to describe his family and life in our household. I read with interest the 10-page report that earned him and A+ and the teacher’s comment, “Well done! You are lucky to have such a wonderful family!” His grade and last conclusion is worth sharing, since it described so vividly the role our table, convivio, played in the then, nine-year old, eyes of our son.



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