Convivio Table

For most Italians, the dinner table is a place of giving and sharing love and friendship. Sadly, many people do not understand the merits of the family table. Our table has given us so many wonderful memories that when we moved to Europe, uncluttering our life by distributing all our possessions to others, our youngest son Jason asked that we please not sell the dining table. It represented his favorite memories.  Thus, our family table has crossed the sea from California to our Tuscany home, and now to our small home in Abruzzo, Italy. The table is oversized for a small room, but it is ready to continue the tradition of providing us with more memories to cherish.

Letters continue to come to us from those who have experienced convivio at our long table, which seats 25 plus. Many visitors have redesigned their homes, dining rooms and kitchens, to allow a single table to meet the needs of uniting with friends and family.  Many strangers who we met in Tuscany have become close friends to Jorge and me, such as Maile and Brian.

This couple writes how they have been inspired by life at our long table in hope of initiating similar experiences to share with their family and friends. Maile and Brian enlarged the table in their California house, replicating convivio, and now they are in the process of preparing to join us in Italy. They are building their dream house next to us in Abruzzo. Their dining table is set to accommodate 25 or more guests, thanks to convivio.  Maile wrote: “A trip to Villa Lucia in 2009 opened my eyes to how much fun a long table would be. I got my wish.” Brian combined two tables so that they could easily host their family of 25.  She writes, “Thanks to Lucy and Jorge for all you have given us. You showed us the way.”

The farm introduced us to each other years ago. They tell us it was  convivio that initiated our great friendship lasting over 10 years and resulted in their  purchase of a home near us in Abruzzo. Without convivio we would never have become great friends. Giving them a key and coffee and  croissants would not have done this.

I would also love to share this beautiful letter from Rich and Tracy, wonderful friends we met on the farm, expressing how our convivio table has been the catalyst for them to a new and better lifestyle.

Dear Lucy and Jorge

“A visit that inspired us to rethink our lifestyle”

Shall never forget our first visit with you at Villa Lucia with my wife and family. We returned home to California incredibly inspired. Our stay was truly one of the best experiences of our life and influenced some major life changes. We were so enamored by the magical grounds filled with an olive orchard, vegetable gardens, and amazing flowers, the property an Old World gem.

Your cooking lessons were the best part, We loved preparing the nightly meal with vegetables right out of the garden, and learning the real Italian classics, letting everyone participate. Then the topper was dining at your huge table which accommodated over 14 of us. Such an amazing experience! It was so heart warming that you instantly became family to us and hope we shall always be in contact with each other.

Our visit inspired us so greatly, we returned home and instantly incorporated the nightly dining by remodeling our dining room to accommodate a new large dining table for large groups as experienced with you. After six months of our visit we decided to move out of Laguna Beach and buy a vineyard in the central coast of California which also included an olive orchard. We designed our new home to accommodate a large dining table and kitchen and styled it with a total tuscan theme.

So you see, this one trip to Villa Lucia and meeting you two great people has had a major impact on our lives forever. Thank you Lucy and Jorge.

Rich Secchiaroli


We spent last weekend on their olive estate, called Terra Mia, in Paso Robles. In this picture, we are bringing back memories of the old days. This is when, after church, Italian Catholic kids put bread in the sauce pot while waiting for that Sunday dinner. After returning from church, the aroma of the sauce was amazing, especially after not having eaten since midnight in order to receive communion. This is an amazing friendship with an amazing couple, thanks to convivio evenings on the farm.

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