Olive Oils

Why are some olive oils so expensive and others at bargain prices? Hopefully today’s harvest at Villa Lucia can answer this question.

Morning—pickers at Villa Lucia.


Afternoon – Villa Lucia’s olive at the mill


Evening –Olive oil being canned at Villa Lucia. Ready to be shipped to friends in Philadelphia


This is our precious medicinal liquid gold, full of Polyphenols, anti-oxidants, and rich in nutrients. Via centrifuge dirty water is eliminated.


Via centrifuge pomace, the residue is eliminate


Pomace (yuk) ready to be trucked to chemical plant, to make cheap refined oil sold often as EVOO


State verification and control of oil made to verify quantity, no cheating. Certified we made only 12% of oil and the residue, water and waste was 88%. That is why it is so expensive, What is cheap is the residue that is sent to chemical plants and with chemicals and heat make the refined oil often mislabeled, filled with additives and heated removing all nutrients


Control of quantity made and registered with the Government –today’s Villa Lucia oil.As for quality, Extra Virgin accordingly to the International Council of Olive Oil Producers must have no more than 0.08 acidity. See our analysis verifying the very best of quality, nutrients and those polyphenols that work as anti-oxidants, preventing or slowing down inflammation and the curse to many ills. Hard to do better.


Villa Lucia’s excellent quality today 0.01.

The Mediterranean has recognized the virtues of good olive oil for centuries. Unfortunately America just recently has learned of its medicinal properties as the most important ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.

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