Food Culture Should be Experienced Before Age Five

It is important that children learn about quality foods, preferably before the age of five. Then the marketers, food industry, their peers and the media begin to influence and teach them social taboos often against quality foods while pushing processed foods. The industry’s concern is profit, not the health and wellbeing of the individual. It is up to parents to be the greatest influence on the health of their offspring by introducing them early to real food. Better than giving them a set of rules and regulations that constantly change and takes away from the simple pleasures of enjoying foods and the family table.

Kids are willing to learn but it is often the adults that do not take the time to allow them to experience the kitchen. Here in the midst of the quarantine, mask off in grandma’s kitchen, after having had fun making pasta and fresh ricotta, decided on a fun day making pizza from scratch.











Grandpa explained how flour, yeast and water interact in making the dough. After making it they had fun spreading it on a pizza pan.




























That was fun but best of all was being able to taste the pizza they made with their own hands. Kara, 5, Kai 4 and Kaden 3  the sous chefs for the day are anxious to come back for more fun while learning the art of cooking, and eating Italian style,























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