Why Convivio?

Why Convivio? Because it is a most important ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.

When a friend in Italy may say, “Ciao I am going home for convivio” it usually refers to a leisurely meal with family and friends for a minimum of an hour or more. Sunday pranzo, the midday meal, may go on for 2 to 4 hours. This ritual of Italian food culture has proven in various studies to have many favorable results, such as: less obesity, delinquency, depression, rebellious behavior, eating disorders, smoking drinking, drugs as well as less isolation of the individual as they feel belonging to family, tribe or community. When countries show signs of losing this ritual as can be seen even in Italy today, there is a direct correlation to also losing the benefits noted above. In spite of lifestyle changes Italy’s strong family unit, tradition and culture, are factors causing change to occur at a slower pace than in other countries. Here are noted but a few of the benefits.


  • Creating a strong sense of belonging.
  • Building social connections fundamental to human well-being
  • Opportunity to talk and contribute to conversation.
  • Provision of a regular time to de-stress, catch up with others and learn from each other
  • Usually a multi-generational experience to share history, tradition and culture
  • Release of oxytocin, a happy chemical in the body that makes one feel loved
  • Providing an environment to enjoy the table experience as well as the food
  • Not to fear food an attitude that is inculcated by fad diets away from the table
  • Children learn etiquette and to eat in a civilized manner
  • Children learn to drink wine with the family instead of their peers away from the home
  • Parenting takes place at the table
  • Eat a satisfying meal which often leaves no room for desert.
  • A scheduled time for eating so as not to confuse the body’s metabolism
  • Eating slowly aids the digestive system
  • Eating a daily necessity becomes a daily pleasure
  • Family dining gives one lasting memories
  • Family unity, tradition and culture maintained by practicing convivio